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Who I am

I'm a freelance web developer based in Champaign IL. I am primarily a front end developer, working with jQuery, Ember, Bootstrap, etc. for front end frameworks. In the past I've worked on a number of higher education projects, including Admissions at the University of Illinois Chicago and Learning Sciences Research Institute.

I'm very interested in working more with web app based sites. I'm currently working on a native app with a few friends that I will hopefully be able to share more about this summer.


I am available for consulting on projects. Help with basic project management, and help build out more in depth plans for moving forward on a project.

Site upgrades can be daunting, especially when you're not familiar with the tools and software you're exposed to. I can easily put together a plan that will adhere to your criteria and help solve issues you've had with past sites, e.g. maintenance, keeping it up to date, security issues.

Past Successes

Integrative Pet Care

I've recently helped Integrative Pet Care move their site from a flat Frontpage based html site to a Wordpress site. One of their primary concerns is having a way to easily add and update the content on the site. With the flat site, it had become a chore to add content, let alone keeping the current content up to date.

Moving to a Wordpress site, hosted by WPEngine, gave them the tools to easily add functionality and content to their site, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Internal ERP System

One of the important part of an internal system is to make sure the users can accomplish their tasks quickly and easily. Out of the box ERP systems solve a number of those problems. However, each industry, and company, have their own unique processes that aren't always easily translated to the current functionality in an out of the box solution.

I had the luck to have a very specific and small pool of users at a company who I was able to sit down with and talk about each of their tasks and processes. These interviews let me easily find small and quick updates to the system that were implemented. Once the updates were live, it helped reduce the steps and frustration of using the system.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to link to the results, as it's an internal system. However, I will write up a few of the more interesting problems, and solutions that were needed.

Past Work

At my past job, I worked primarily with non profits and higher education. This allowed me to understand the issues that are unique to those specific areas.

Higher Education

Non Profits

Additional Work